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There will be a lot of Crema in the whole process of brewing fresh coffee, and only when a large amount of water appears at the end of the extraction will it stop, so that two very obvious process stages can be clearly observed.

Crema can tell us:
1. Is the coffee fresh?
Stale coffee beans will often see the appearance of a thin, separated Crema, and the resulting coffee is often thin and watery, which means less Crema and disappear faster.

2. The degree of coffee extraction
The deeper Crema means that more dissolved matter enters the cup. (Contains over-extracted coffee impurities)

3. The uniformity of coffee extraction
The more stable the Crema, the better and stronger the coffee we make, and it means that the fewer gaps in the coffee powder (channel effect), the fewer mistakes in the production process.

This truth put into the Nespresso coffee capsule, we can also judge by the coffee Crema: Whether the coffee is fresh? Whether the degree of coffee extraction is qualified? And whether the coffee extraction is even?

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Publication Date: 4 August, 2021


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