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2021 China Propak exhibition is held in Shanghai, this is a grand event in China. This exhibition includes outstanding companies from all over the world. Excellent international companies from Germany, France, Italy, the United States, Japan, South Korea and North America have organized groups to participate in the exhibition. In addition, overseas companies from Austria, Spain, Turkey, and Ukraine are also participating in this year's exhibition. Wonderful appearance in China.

game betting sites has never been absent from the Propak exhibition. This year, we brought a new machine, a single-line linear Nespresso and K cup integrated machine. You only need to change a set of corresponding cup-shaped molds to achieve K cup production and Nespresso on one machine. When we upgrade the accessories, we are also considering customers. The color of appearance of our machine can be customized by the customer. So, we let customers decide their machine. Exhibitors expressed an interest in our machine. It can make 3200cups per hour, small size to save your workshop, super suitable for start-up the coffee capsule industry. They appreciated its stability and full automation. We can help small and medium customers solve machine problems and provide a one-stop solution.

Wondering more machine and capsule information, please contact me.

Publication Date: 28 June, 2021


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Room 2210, Building 1, The Link Plaza,
No.278 East Suzhou Avenue,
Suzhou Industrial Park,
Jiangsu Province,

Tel: +86 13348026518


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